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App Development

Custom Coded and Designed Mobile Applications.

  • App Development

    We build custom apps on mobile and web for any business or organisation.

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  • Loyal E-Commerce

    Sell online & retain your customers with our ecommerce and loyalty platform

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  • Game Development

    For educating, training or straight-up entertaining.  From simple web games to full Augmented Reality experiences

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  • Marketing

    Create the buzz with our digital marketing products and services including full social management and state-of-the-art analysis tools

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Recent Projects

Ranging from an augmented reality nature adventure, through dodging an escaping wooly mammoth to finding sound guidance on finance and exploring Oxfordshire via GPS trails, our recent projects entertain, educate, enthrall and engage in equal measure.

Chelmsford - The Experience App .
Explore the Meadows shopping centre in a whole new light! 4 Augmented Reality experiences are being created to give shoppers the chance to encounter new experiences within the centre:
- Meadow Explorer: See the shopping centre transformed into a meadow through your smartphone, then hunt for and take pictures of plants and animals around the centre. Can you find them all?
- Art Explorer: The shopping centre becomes an art gallery! Browse works of art hung around the centre in the augmented reality view. Discover local art and the artists who create it.
- WWI Experience: Discover the stories of Chelmsford throughout WWI. Use your smartphone to uncover the history around the centre, brought to life through imagery and audio.
- Christmas adventure: Can you uncover who stole Santa’s sleigh? A fun Christmas adventure that bridges the digital worlds. See the characters stories introduced on your smartphone, then follow them into the social sphere and watch as the story unfolds all around you.
iGuide Hull - Interactive App.
Discover Hull’s amazing heritage through your smartphone. From medievil times to the 20th century see characters come to life, get hands on with 3d-scanned artifacts that are otherwise untouchable and try your hand at the classic victorian game of Splat the Rat.
The Good Money App - Save Smart.
Find practical advice and tips for handling your finances, written by financial experts and broken down into easy to digest chunks. Use the tools to help track your spending, saving, financial goals, money exchange, shopping offers and more.
OxTrails - Discover Oxfordshire.
Discover South Oxfordshire through a series of themed GPS-based tours. From TV & Film to Literature, the Great Outdoors to Food & Drink. Find local businesses and get special offers direct to your mobile.

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